At Yoder Meats we strive to provide our customers with quality meat. Whether you bring in your own animal for us to process or you purchase a whole or half from us, you will always get the highest quality of products in return. We custom process and pack the meat to the specifications that you give to us. Call or stop in today and let us do the processing.

Processing fees are based on hanging weight of carcass.


If you purchase a beef from us you can be assured that it is all locally grown here in this area of Kansas. All beef is aged 10 to 14 days before cutting and packaging.


If you purchase pork from us it is locally raised, all natural, antibiotic free with no hormones added. The pork is raised in a climate controlled environment to assure you of the highest quality pork around.


We are very proud of our deer processing at Yoder Meats. We are one of the few plants that individually process your deer from unloading through packaging. At Yoder Meats we weigh and grind all deer separately. Each deer is tagged, processed, and ground individually in our processing plant. This takes a little more work on our part, but assures that you get what you harvested.

Sheep & Goats

We also process sheep and goats. We have a very limited supply of these for sale, but we are glad to do an animal that you provide.