Looking for fundraising ideas? Yoder Meats offers multiple different fundraising options for your school or organization. Whether your group is large or small, we can help you plan and organize. You can contact Kayla at 620-465-3807 x103. If you prefer email her at We would love to help you get started and reach your fundraising goals!

Snack Sticks

Our Snack Stick Fundraiser is an easy way to raise funds for your group. We offer Pork Meat Snack Sticks in 6 different flavors which include: Old Fashioned Original, Sizzlin’ Bacon, Tasty Teriyaki, Prairie Fire Jalapeno, Zesty BBQ and Crazy Fire Bacon. We also offer “fit sticks”. These sticks meet the federal nutritional guidelines for schools and come in 6 different flavors. The flavors of “fit sticks” include: Peppered Original, Sweet and Spicy, Hot Pepper, Hickory Smoked, Honey BBQ, and Jalapeno Hickory. At our suggested selling price of 4 sticks for $5.00 or a $1.25 each you will make a $.50 profit on each stick, That’s 66% profit. For more information download the “Snack Stick Fundraiser” file below. Give us a call or email and we will help you get started with our snack stick fundraiser!

We offer other items for fundraising as well (see pictured items below). This is a traditional fundraiser meaning your organization would presell the items, place your full final order with us, and then in three to four weeks, we deliver your items. Please reach out to us for price sheets and order forms if interested!  

Have questions, comments, or concerns about our fundraisers? Contact us today!