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Yoder Meats has some of the best locally raised, antibiotic free, and no-hormone-added beef around. We have a large variety of cuts to suit your needs. Stop in any of our stores today to checkout our beef selections. Click “BEEF” to see a listing of beef options.


Yoder Meats has locally raised grass-fed beef for your enjoyment. Grass-fed beef is on a limited supply. If you are interested in our grass-fed options check out the link above.


If you are looking for Buffalo, Elk, or Lamb you’ve come to the right place. Yoder Meats has a large supply on hand of all the exotic flavors so you can try something new. To see a listing our our exotic meats follow the link above.


We have outstanding pork that is locally raised. Our pork producer has a start to finish operation and supplies us with top quality hogs. Check out our pork options.


At Yoder Meats we have a variety of poultry products to help you plan for your next meal. Check out our poultry selections.


Yoder Meats has those specialty products that others do not have. Check out our full line of jerky, summer sausage and links.


Yoder Meats has bakery products for sale in all of our locations. These products are made in our kitchen at our Yoder location. Check out our selection of homemade bakery items.


Looking for that special meat or cheese that is hard to find or looking for something new? Check out the large variety of meats and cheeses on hand at our locations.


We stock a variety of grocery items at our locations. Check out our flavorful jellies, jams, syrups, canned goods, bakery supplies, and a large selection of gluten-free products.


Yes, Yoder Meats does have those products that are good for your pets.

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